Thùng rác cao cấp 15 Lít Dust Bin/ DB-3500

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High capacity(35L) is ideal for active washrooms
Neatly covered lid to prevent waste overflow and maintain hygiene
Catch ring inside easily sets and secures plastic bags
Two installation points: on the floor or wall mounted


Items Details
Name/ Model Dust Bin/ DB-3500
Product Code 73965
EAN Code 489 702123 065 5
Capacity 35L
Unit Weight 2kg
Unit Dimension W377 x D287 x H542(mm)
Material PP: Body ABS: Lid
Bag Setting Method Hang the bag on the supporting ring under the lid
Maximum Load 10kg
Package Contents Instruction Manual x1, Pictogram sticker x1,
Screw set (2 Screws, 2 Plugs) x1
Outer Carton Dimension W390 x D300 x H565(mm)
Quantity per Carton 1

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