Air Freshener Diffuser/ AL-100 Thiết bị phun mùi phòng cao cấp

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Name/ Model Air Freshener Diffuser/ AL-100
Product Code 73806
EAN Code 489 702123 057 0
Compatible Agents Gel type air freshener
Capacity 150g
Unit Weight Approx 340g
Unit Dimension W97 x D87 x H214(mm)
Material ABS: Case, Window PP: Fan, Inner tray
Operation Method Press the button once and a 30 day program will start.
Power Source D cell Alkaline battery x 1
(Lasts up to 6 months.)
Package Contents Instruction Manual x1, D cell Alkaline battery x1,
Key x1, Pictogram sticker x1, Double sided tape x1, Screw set (2 Screws, 2 Plugs) x1,
Wet sheet for cleaning x1
Outer Carton Dimension W350×D245×H240(mm)
Quantity per Carton 6









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